If adventure on the sea is calling you and your First Mate…

Experience the romance and reward of becoming certified to sail together.

Get away for a couples one-week immersive sailing school in nearby Belhaven, North Carolina

Gain the experience and confidence necessary to sail as a team and to enjoy life on the sea – wherever the wind takes you!

Whether you’re considering buying a vessel for domestic voyages or chartering boats for Caribbean cruises, Sail Haven’s one-week learn-to-sail program will equip you with the knowledge and certifications to chart your own course.

Newbies, novices and rusty old salts welcome!

Located only two hours from Research Triangle,
Virginia Beach and the Outer Banks!

In just one fun week, you’ll be ASA certified to
skipper and crew your own Bareboat Cruise!

Your hands-on education will include

  • basic boat systems
  • auxiliary engine operation
  • docking procedures
  • advanced sail trim
  • emergency operations
  • basic coastal navigation
  • anchoring/mooring
  • weather/sea conditions
  • provisioning
  • safety and seamanship

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